Thursday, April 17

Water of Leith

“The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley. 
― Robert Burns

I've recently moved up to Edinburgh. My plan was to arrive, settle in quickly, get to know the city a bit and then get stuck in with my photography. Unfortunately life kind of got in the way and I'm ashamed to admit that until now I haven't taken my camera out. It's been sitting in a corner of my sitting room looking at me, guilt tripping me and I finally broke… definitely time to establish myself up here and get on with some work!! 

So, first thing's first - locations. I've obviously been sussing out the areas of the city that I would like to photograph, spotting the streets that would provide beautiful backdrops and picturing lots of future portrait shoots whenever I wander around the city. I decided to take my slightly reluctant partner out to one location for a little recce and a mini photo shoot to get the feel of the area… he may not love getting his photo taken but he does look rather handsome (I might be biased!).

I've got a couple of shoots lined up for this week so I'm looking forward to trying out some new locations and getting to know Edinburgh through the lens a little better. These shots are from our walk along the Water of Leith and the stunning Dean Park in the centre of Edinburgh.

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