Friday, September 27

say 'cheese'...

Okay, yes, it's cheesy! but how could I resist... the other day I had a shoot with Giel, a young cheese maker, who makes extremely scrummy gouda! I'm actually quite proud that I stopped myself from telling him to say 'cheese' when we were shooting!!

So, anyway, it was great fun and Giel, his family, his cheese and his cows were great to photograph... I did manage to get cow poo on my dress and a not-so-lovely cow sneeze in my hair but other than that I came away with a tasty sample of gouda and some great shots!

If you are local to Cornwall you may already have tried this family's cornish gouda but, if not, keep an eye out for it cos it's worth a taste (their website if you want to take a peek)

a couple of the shots... Giel, you really do have a fab smile!

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