Tuesday, May 6

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop...

…that is the question.

Or is it? Isn't it really 'to admit to photoshopping or not to admit to it'? 

I thought I would be really honest with this post today… I think there is a sort of unspoken lie with digital photography and I have to admit to being part of it! 

The thing is, it's all nonsense. There is nothing wrong with a bit of post production, it's exactly the same as developing in a dark room, the choices you make with filters and any other technique you might use when you shoot in film. I am so against the horrible over photoshopped images we are bombarded with everyday that I would hate people to think any of my photos are retouched but I love the post production process. I'm a proud digital photographer and I think we should be able to use all the tools we have at our fingertips to get the images we want. 

There is a line in my mind between the beauty of a raw image and what I can do on my computer to make it a little more special. For me, as long as the loveliness of the person I am photographing is left well enough alone, then adding filters and dodging and burning every so often can't really be that much of a sin can it?!  

Anyway, rant over. I wanted to share an example of a 'before' and 'after' in which I changed the light, the hue, the exposure and really just the complete feel of the photo! I don't normally do this much but I fancied something a bit fun, a bit retro and this is where I ended up… 

Sunday, April 20


Definition of triptych in English:


Line breaks: trip|tych
Pronunciation: /ˈtrɪptɪk/


  • 1A picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together vertically and used as an altarpiece:a triptych depicting the Crucifixion
  • 1.1A set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together:a triptych on the theme of the holocausthis triptych of one-act operas is unfairly neglected


mid 18th century (denoting a set of three writing tablets hinged or tied together): from tri- 'three', on the pattern of diptych.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon on another ridiculously lovely april day, I had a shoot with Grace and Gordon. They really did look as pretty as a picture before we even began so it didn't take much skill on my part to make these photos gorgeous! 

We wandered around Stockbridge and Inverleith park and I have to admit, although I live quite close, I was totally unaware of the amazing views of Edinburgh from this part of the city. Luckily Grace and Gordon knew some of these special spots so my job was half done!
With these shots I wanted to create a bit of a narrative, a kind of mini series of little love stories. Obviously I was trying to be careful not to be too cheesy but they are in love and you can't deny a good love story!! It's something a bit different for me but I thought this 'Triptych' style really suited the photos… 

…oh, and one random one cos I like it too much to miss it out!

Friday, April 18

Gorse, grass and sunshine...

The sun was out in Edinburgh today and it was definitely one of those days that made me happy about living in this inspiring city. 

Luckily I had a little photo shoot organised and we had planned to have a couple of hours at Holyrood park with the gorse, the grass and the sunshine. The tourists and locals were all out but luckily Jemima, the gorgeous lady in all these shots, knew some beautiful spots away from the hordes that felt like we were in our own little world… amazing that this was a couple of minutes walk from the bustling centre of Edinburgh.

Special thanks to Jemima for being such a great model and I'm afraid she looked too lovely in all these photos to choose which ones to post… so I've just posted them all! ;-)

Thursday, April 17

Water of Leith

“The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley. 
― Robert Burns

I've recently moved up to Edinburgh. My plan was to arrive, settle in quickly, get to know the city a bit and then get stuck in with my photography. Unfortunately life kind of got in the way and I'm ashamed to admit that until now I haven't taken my camera out. It's been sitting in a corner of my sitting room looking at me, guilt tripping me and I finally broke… definitely time to establish myself up here and get on with some work!! 

So, first thing's first - locations. I've obviously been sussing out the areas of the city that I would like to photograph, spotting the streets that would provide beautiful backdrops and picturing lots of future portrait shoots whenever I wander around the city. I decided to take my slightly reluctant partner out to one location for a little recce and a mini photo shoot to get the feel of the area… he may not love getting his photo taken but he does look rather handsome (I might be biased!).

I've got a couple of shoots lined up for this week so I'm looking forward to trying out some new locations and getting to know Edinburgh through the lens a little better. These shots are from our walk along the Water of Leith and the stunning Dean Park in the centre of Edinburgh.

Friday, September 27

say 'cheese'...

Okay, yes, it's cheesy! but how could I resist... the other day I had a shoot with Giel, a young cheese maker, who makes extremely scrummy gouda! I'm actually quite proud that I stopped myself from telling him to say 'cheese' when we were shooting!!

So, anyway, it was great fun and Giel, his family, his cheese and his cows were great to photograph... I did manage to get cow poo on my dress and a not-so-lovely cow sneeze in my hair but other than that I came away with a tasty sample of gouda and some great shots!

If you are local to Cornwall you may already have tried this family's cornish gouda but, if not, keep an eye out for it cos it's worth a taste (their website if you want to take a peek)

a couple of the shots... Giel, you really do have a fab smile!