Friday, March 8

for the ladies...

Photography was a licence to go wherever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do. - Diane Arbus

Just a quick post to say happy International Women's Day! 

I had a lovely shoot today with the first woman in our 'Taste of Cornwall' series too so I thought I would post one of the photos... Jane owns Pinky Murphy's in Fowey; a gorgeous lady who runs a gorgeous cafe.

Anyone who has been to Pinky Murphy's will know how amazing and unique the setup is inside, it is a cafe in a refurbished boat house and filled to the ceiling with eclectic knick-knacks, the veggie platter is scrumptious and the staff are fab but the best thing for me is that upstairs there is oodles of natural light pouring in the windows. It was such a great space to shoot some portraits in and I'm really pleased with the photos. Jane is such a special lady and has created a really special, hopefully she will be happy with the photos too!

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